Rememberitforme enables the collection, aggregation and ongoing discovery of personal information and events. In addition to tagging anything in the real world, Rememberitforme is also a simple web publishing platform, allowing user generated SMS codes for self distribution of information in areas such as real estate, small business, events, music and more.

Rememberitforme is a mobile-originated experience that ends on the web. To start, users simply text content to Rememberitforme. An account is auto-created and sent back to the user. Users can then continue their Rememberitforme experience on the web, where initial tags are populated with meaningful search results, calendaring and more.

Rememberitforme's aim is to tag your everyday interests so you don't forget a thing! Founded in 2011, Rememberitforme is a privately funded startup based in New York, NY and Sydney, Australia.